A Friendly Reminder

This is a custom brow, depending upon the type of skin you have, it may take more than the required 2 sessions. Touch up is necessary for variety of reasons:

Brows may need additional strokes.

An area or scarred area did not retain pigment well.

One tail looks longer than the other.

Front brow may have a tremendous shrinkage.

These are all minor imperfections that are easily adjusted on a touch-up visit. A touch-up will be required after 4 weeks. Touch up must be between 4-12 weeks. (1 - 3 months)

Once the area has healed completely, consider using a waterproof total sunblock when going out in the sun to stop the color from fading.

What to Expect After the Procedure and During Healing Process

Redness and mild swelling after the procedure.

Color darkens and intensifies during the first 5 to 7 days during healing period.

If you are a person who scabs while healing, scabs will flake off towards days 7-10 and brows may be patchy or light in some areas. (You will go through three healing phases: 1. Healing, 2. Peeling and 3. Fading.) Color will fade significantly over two week's periods.

Additional treatments cannot be undertaken until the area has completely healed within 4 weeks.

Required touch-up session must be undertaken before 3 months. If you wait longer than 3 months it will be like the first session all of again and you will most likely need another session after that. If you wait longer than 3 months free touch up session will be forfeited and you will have to pay half of Brianna’s going rate at the time.

If you need a 3rd session you will have to wait an additional 2 months (3 months total from previous session) before she can do procedure. This will give your skin time to heal and fully mature. Doing 3rd session before required time to wait will be very painful and can lead to scarring.

If you find any lymphatic fluid or blood weeping, you can gently clean the area with saline or cool boiled water with a gauze, blotting gently dry to remove any moisture. With clean hands and a cotton bud apply a fine layer of aftercare balm coconut oil to the treated area.

If Any Infections Please See Your/A Doctor

In Order to Achieve Desired Brows follow these Instructions for 10 days:

Apply coconut oil to brows to keep it moist at all times.

Apply the necessary amount to prevent brows from being dry and tight. Repeat this process up to 3 times a day, or use good judgement when in need. You are going to want shiny brows for the next 10 days. Do not over or under apply!

Body bath for the first 2 days. Do not get your brows wet, especially for the first 2 days.

For the first 2 days, gently wash around brows and lightly clean face with towel or makeup wipe. Do not splash water up on face or exfoliate.

For day 3, you may resume to taking shower, do not stand under the shower with face facing shower head, with water directly on brows.

No water on the brows: Swimming pool & hot sauna.

No makeup on brows until they are fully healed. (After the full 10 days) Be very careful when applying makeup near brow area. Dip a Q-tip in water and lightly wipe your brows to make sure no makeup is sitting on top of your brows. Makeup on brows can lead to infection.

No hard exercise. Light exercise is okay, Modify your exercise. Sweating pushes pigment out.

Do not tan. If you are out in the sun wear a visor/hat so brows are protected. Once brows are fully healed wearing a moisturizer with SPF or Sunscreen will help the longevity of your brows.

Do not pick, itch, or pull at the treated area as it will result in pigment loss and even scarring.

Do not use any other ointments, besides ones recommended by your brow artist.